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 Giving our troops a taste of home!

Your Donations will supply one base with..


  • Three smokers from American Barbecue Systems
  • 3 Skids of Parker Pure Mountain Hardwood Charcoal from Tennessee
  • Three Pallets of American Stockyard BBQ Sauce from Kansas City
  • One Pallet of Awesome Rub From Fat Daddy’s in Idaho
  • 70 Stormy Kromer Hats to warm the troops in a cold desert
  • Candy from Air Force Moms
  • One Big Ol’ Taste of Home

Here is our 501c3 information # 74-3220776


We still need about $5,000 ! ! !


We are preparing the next shipment, which will be a double load, for delivery to Camp Pendleton.  This will ship this September or early Ocotober.  We need help to get the freight paid for.

The first load shipped to Ft. Bragg, NC May 25th.  

We took  our first ABS Judge smoker, a skid of Original Juan’s “American Stockyard” bbq sauce, a skid of Parker Charcoal, Candy from the Air Force wives of Kansas, and spices from Fat Daddy’s Foods in Idaho.  We couldn’t have done this without the help of our great listener and friend David Doezema from Ada who loaned us warehouse space at his factory,Perforated Tube.

Thanks to the help of the B.O.S.S. program, we are making a bunch of soldiers lives better.  Here are some shots from our first cook.