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The Grillin’ Guys Radio Show
Get your Grill on!

We are the driving force and organizer of this effort.  Our contribution is the overall contribution off time to organize, fund raise, promote, and execute this mission.  We hold fund raisers at events and inform patriots of this effort.

The Grillin’ Guys Radio show can be heard on the weekend across Michigan and soon other states.  It started seven years ago at deer camp with a fire and a couple of beers.  Now after six years on the air it is beamed into homes, streamed to devices and watched live on locations across Pure Michigan which we affectionately call “that big grillin’ mitt.” We have a heart for our military and the thankless work these folks do, so we wanted to send a little peace, love, and bbq to them.  We hope you join us.

Operation Injured Soldier offered their organizational service to handle the contributions for Operation G.I. BBQ.  Their 501c3 is the umbrella under which we can fund raise and issue tax exemption to the donors.  These folks have a stellar record of helping vets and operating with very little overhead.  They offered the service at no cost, but we agreed to donate 10% of our contributions to them to assist them in their day-to-day expenses.

The goal of Operation Injured Soldiers is to help our wounded heroes get back to doing the sports and hobbies they enjoyed before being deployed. The funds we raise provide hunting, fishing, and camping trips, along with many other outdoor recreational activities, to our disabled heroes to help with their physical and mental rehabilitation. Through corporate sponsorships and individual donations, these trips are provided at no cost to our injured heroes.

The David Webb Show

  • Host of the David Webb Show on SiriusXM Patriot 125
  • Fox News Contributor
  • The Hill Columnist
  • Breitbart News Contributor

David is a personal friend of Bob’s and offered to help the moment he was informed of the effort.  David has a big heart and is a sincere patriot with a deep love and understanding of what our military goes through every day.

David has been entertaining and informing the public for over 25 years with a broadcast career that has spanned Boston, Houston, Dallas, New York City, syndication and now satellite radio. As a commentator, David appears frequently on radio and television on Fox News and  Fox Business. He has appeared on  CNBC, numerous U.S. television stations and internationally on CNN International, BBC Radio and TV,
NDTV/India, Dutch National TV and KSA2 Saudi Arabia. He has also been featured in various media outlets in Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, France, Australia, Brazil and Canada.

This great American Company heard that we needed smokers for our troops and came rushin’ in like the cavalry.  We have three ABS 4FT Judges on legs (with hard surface casters) and standard equipment of 4 stainless steel flat smoking racks, 3 stainless steel grill grates, 5 stainless work shelves in fabrication right now.  THEY ARE DONATING $4,800 WORTH OF THIS GREAT PRODUCT !!!

American Barbecue Systems smoker and grills are manufactured in Kansas City with professional quality, creative design and unique features, all which will make you become the master chef at your next barbecue event. Whether you are in the backyard, at a competition, or a catering event, with an American Barbecue Systems smoker/grill, you can look like the professional chef we all inspire to be..

Kansas SpeedwayT-Bones BaseballSporting KC SockerKansas City ChiefsKansas City RoyalsKansas City Barbeque SocietyAmerican Royal

This is a company that Bob has been working with for over six years in the bbq business.  They are known around the industry as the one to watch as they come out with award winning products over and over.  The offered a steep discount immediately.

Original Juan Specialty Foods is housed in a 60,000 square foot facility on the historic Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Kansas. The building is a delight to the senses with tantalizing aromas and festive colors. Original Juan has been creating specialty sauces, salsas, snacks and dips for wholesale, retail and co-pack/private label customers since 1998.

Hold the Bus.  Original Juan changed their minds and Donated ALL THREE PALLETS of sauce 

FOR FREE !!!  And, they already shipped it to our warehouse.

That is the kind of company that makes America proud and just another reason to support such great companies and brands.  Look for this sauce in a fine store near you.

This Just In:  ” Original Juan has just changed their participation.  As of 15:09 Thursday, July 23, 2015, the donation to the mission has changed.  Original Juan is upping the challenge to all partners by donating 3 full pallets of G.I. BBQ Sauce to support our brave fighting forces.  This is an $18,000 contribution to help out.”

“Now if that doesn’t give you goose bumps, nothing will.”   BBQ Bob.


Parker Charcoal Company

These nice folks didn’t take two minutes to offer their fine charcoal products when they began to hear about the mission.  This is a company all Americans can be proud of.  THESE GREAT PEOPLE OFFERED 4 PALLETS FOR FREE !!!

All Natural Lump Charcoal Made in Tennessee from 100% Hardwoods!

Nothing matches the purity and aroma of a fine lump charcoal. When that charcoal is made using only the best Hardwoods Tennessee has to offer you have a product that surpasses its competition. Parker Charcoal produces a pure Hardwood Lump Charcoal that provides great lighting characteristics, low ash production, and an amazing hardwood aroma! Our charcoal is the perfect companion to your grill, smoker, or gourmet lending its unique flavor to any food of choice. Let us prove to you that our 40 years experience of charcoal manufacturing produces the best Hardwood Lump Charcoal on the market!

 Stormy Kromer

logoStormy Kromer has offered to donate 70 of it’s legendary Caps.  These American made, quality  classic hats will warm the heads and hearts of some very lucky troops.  This is just another American family success story and we can’t thank them enough.  Check out their website and find a retailer near you to try one of these amazing hats, jackets, shoulder bags or numerous items for you and your family.

IMG_2553If you haven’t ever had a Kromer, your winter has been very difficult.  Make life fun again, join the army of Stormy Kromer fans and support those who support our troops.    Kromer Salute!  THIS DONATION IS VALUED AT $3,850.00 !!!

The Stormy Kromer Company donated 70 of these classic hats to help us out.  Do you want one?  Here is what you do:  Click on our donate page and send $55.00 through the link.  Send an email to us with a copy of your verification from the link along with your name and address.  The hat will be in the mail the next day.  Email:

Fat Daddy’s Sauce & Rubs

10289827_734912516563457_3659477725849484517_nFat Daddy’s CEO, said “Nick Simeone and I own Fat Daddy’s Foods; we make BBQ sauces, rubs and jarred caramelized onions in the beautiful state of Idaho.   We would like to donate a combination of sauce, rubs and caramelized onions. I heard you on Sean Hannity and we want to help.”  They are donating the spices.

10407050_738924509495591_7204506098732025157_nFat Daddy’s relies on old fashioned methods and fine ingredients to produce distinctive flavors and perfect consistency in every sauce we create. By following this tradition of quality, we’ve provided you with seven amazing sauces to complement all of your favorite foods.



Meritage Hospitality Group

The good folks at Meritage, home of Wendy’s, Twisted Rooster, Freighters, and Crooked Goose donated a percentage of the sales on Veterans Day to help out.  The donated over $3,300.00 to our drive.  Go into one of these fine restaurants and eat the best food to thank them.

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Henry Repeating Arms Company makes its home in Bayonne, New Jersey and in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. From our inception our goal has been to manufacture a line of classic, well-crafted firearms that every enthusiast would find readily affordable. Our American made rifles are engineered with features that other gun makers often charge twice the price for.

We take great pride in manufacturing our rifles in the United States, hence our corporate motto “Made in America, or Not Made at All”.

The good folks at Henry have donated two beautiful lever action rifles to auction off for our effort.  They have sent us an H009B 3030 Brass with Octagon barrel and a H010B 4570 Brass with Octagon barrel.

These will be auctioned off on May 14th at the Chase Creek Smokehouse in Chase, Michigan during an event centered around “The Blessing of the Bikes.

Go to:

THIS IS A $2,000.00 DONATION !!!